Things to Think about During the Group Presentations(Lessons To be Learned from Wiki-space Project)

1. How accurate is the information?
2. How useful is the information?
3. How good is the website? – Does the content flow – is it organized well
4. Do you have unanswered questions?
5. Does it provide you with information or links to other sources if you want to know more about the topic?

*These are to not to be used to criticize a group’s wikispace page but as a tool to help students think about web page content and design.

Top 10 Things to Think About When Reading Historical Websites

1. What is the website's name? Is it an educational website? Government website?
2. Confirm the sponsor or creator of the website. Is it an academic website supported by a University or scholar?
3. Check the date of the website? When was the last time it was updated?
4. Look for who wrote the text or conducted the research? Do you recognize the name?
5. Are the researcher’s qualifications or credentials accessible?
6. Look at the links – Are the sources cited or used in the research available for review or cited on the page. Are there links to supporting documents?
7. Does the website have a bibliography or works cited list?
8. Are there links to other academic websites or educational websites?
9. Does the website include or refer to past research or historiography on the topic?
10. Is the website’s objective or argument clear? Is there an obvious bias?

FYI - Internet Analysis paper will be due in approx. four weeks on Nov. 17. You will be choosing an event or topic from the course and analyzing two internet resources/websites on that topic, more details to come.