Welcome to History 202 Instructor Manley's Friday Discussion Section Wiki!

This Wiki consists of four pages - each created by students from Instructor Manley's Friday Discussion Section Fall 2010. The pages provide information on the following documents/topics:

  • The Challenges of Independence
  • Revolutions in Haiti and Latin America
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen found in The Human Record Vol II, Sixth Edition textbook pages 157 and 158
  • Bolivar's Dreams for Latin America found in The Human Record Vol II, Sixth Edition textbook pages 167-170

*This assignment was designed to help students learn about these topics but also for the students in History 202 to learn how web pages are created and more importantly help them learn how to determine if information found on the internet is reliable and accurate.

Students - Please read the assignment guidelines below.

Assignment Guidelines (as provided in class)


1. Do not copy & paste from Wikipedia or any other web page. Just like any other assignment for class the text/words needs to be your own with the exception of any images but be sure and cite where you copied the image from. (Be sure to put the names of the members of your group on the page as the authors)

2. The page you create is about the document in the Human Record, i.e. Declaration of the Rights of Man or Simon Bolivar's Dreams for Latin America. It should include information about the author when applicable but not be solely about the author.

2a.If your page is about the Revolutions in Haiti & Latin America or Challenges of Independence you will need to gather information from both the documents for this week, Earth & Its People, The Human Record and Dr. Sepinwall's lectures.

3. Use the who/what/where assignment template as a guide for information you need to include on your page.

4. Use information from the Earth & Its People, The Human Record, and/or Dr. Sepinwall's lectures. You do not need to do additional research from the internet.
(If your group wants to add photos or images that's great but do not copy anything else from the web. Just like any other University assignment you must be cautious of plagiarism.

5. If you can scan the document from The Human Record and put it in a PDF form feel free to include a link to it on your page.

6. You page needs to be 99% completed by Thursday, October 14th and 100% complete by Friday, October 15th 9am so that you can present your page to the class and discuss your assigned topic.

Any questions, please email me. As I see the pages developing I will continue to offer suggestions & reinforce guidelines to help you succeed.

Instructor Manley